Scholarship Information for 2020/2021

Students of the Bachelor program “Computer Science and Organizational Technology” may apply for two scholarship, starting from the 1st year:

  1. Riga Business School Merit-based Scholarship (average or weighted average mark for each semester of the previous year of study is not lower than 8);
  2. Riga Business School Need-based Scholarship (the average or weighted average mark for each semester of the previous year of study is not lower than 8), who are:

2.1  Orphans;
2.2. People with I, II or III disability group;
2.3. Both parents with I or II disability group;
2.4. Young people who lost parental care (not older than 24 years);
2.5. The family has been recognized as needy.

In order to apply for a scholarship, the applicant must complete the form of the application for studies, as well as attach all necessary documents:

  1. A letter of motivation for receiving a scholarship describing the achievements of studies, international or national competitions, the contribution to science, sport, culture, the public sector and/or other fields, and the justification for the study program chosen;
  2. Documents or references confirming one of the criteria mentioned in points 2.1 to 2.5.
  3. School reports of Form 11 and 12. If the general secondary education has already been completed, a diploma, a statement of performance and a certificate of centralized examinations shall be submitted.
  4. Other documents which, in the applicant’s view, can help in the evaluation process (diplomas/certificates, certificates of appreciation, etc.), as well as the justification for the study program chosen.

You can apply for scholarships by May 10, 2020 (inclusive).

Evaluation criteria:

  1. student’s performance in the previous year of study
  2. assessment of the of the student’s letter of motivation

No less than once per semester, the performance of scholarship holders in their studies is examined to decide whether the scholarship holder is entitled to continue to receive the grant. If the results of the performance are not satisfactory, and the weighted average mark is below 8, the scholarship is automatically cancelled, and the grant will be redistributed to other valid candidates.

If, during the relevant study year, the scholarship holder has complied with all the requirements specified in the student contract of the study program and the study regulations by the Riga Business School, including academic integrity, having acquired the specified amount of full-time training with an average mark of at least 8, as well as registered for full-time studies in the next semester, the student has the right to apply for the scholarship also the next year of study.

One student is entitled to receive a scholarship for a maximum of 4 years of study.

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