Business and IT excellence program now with the opportunity to study one year in the best Business School in Norway!

Riga Technical University (RTU) Riga Business School (RBS) have signed a collaboration agreement with BI Norwegian Business School (BI). This agreement means that Baltic IT Leadership (BITL) program students can have their final year in Norway as students in the BI Bachelor of Business Analytics Degree program and get a double diploma. Young people completing the BITL program will get a bachelor’s degree in computer management and computer science with both RTU and University of Latvia (LU) diplomas and have the option of getting a diploma from one of 2 highly ranked partner business schools: the State University of New York University at Buffalo (UB) or BI. This is a unique opportunity for young people in Latvia!

RBS Deputy directo Claudio Rivera says: “The new dual degree with BI is a great chance for RBS bachelor students in both the BITL and BBA programs. They will be able to specialize in one of the most demanded areas in the job market while enjoying the Norwegian experience and becoming part of one of the most powerful alumni communities in Northern Europe.”

As part of the programme, students in Norway study subjects such as Machine Learning, Marketing Analytics, etc. By studying these subjects, students will finish with international knowledge and understanding of worldwide processes and have a wider view. This will make them highly competitive in the labor market.

Until now, cooperation with BI has been developed directly under the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. Now, BITL students can apply for studies in Norway.

Rihards Breicis and Varun Sundaresan are two RBS BBA students who spent their senior year in Norway. They studied in the BBA programme and received a double diploma. Rihards has always believed that business is mostly about contacts and networking: RBS is probably the best place to meet people with the same goals, ambitions and so called “drive.” Personally, in RBS I have met friends/future business partners from different parts of the world and learnt a lot from them. Both studies in RBS and partner university BI Norwegian Business school are challenging; however, completely different at the same time. RBS is a small community where everybody knows each other, and lecturers have a more personal approach to students. This is in contrast to BI where there are large auditoriums and thousands of students. Studying at BI is a way to truly test yourself in a completely different environment. The most important thing was that I learned a lot about myself as a person. The quality of studies, premises and extracurricular activities is on the highest level. The experience I have gained throughout the year of studying in Norway is one of the cornerstones of my current professional career as a project manager in the Baltics in Europe’s leading car auction site BCA and being a co-founder of a sports technology start-up xTimer. I would highly suggest that anyone uses this outstanding opportunity to study at the BI Norwegian Business school.”

Varun agrees: “Pursuing the double degree from BI allowed me elevate my international education experience to the next level. Academically, the program gave me the opportunity to learn from renowned researchers at BI and expand my network to include an even more diverse set of people. The knowledge from RBS combined with the vast resources of BI provided me with a holistic academic experience. During my double degree, I solved a lot of cases and projects, attended guest lectures and had internships. All these combined to give a very clear picture of the real business world. Following my double degree, I decided to continue my education at BI and hence I am currently in the second year studying MSc in Business- major marketing. The diverse skillset acquired through RBS and BI allows me to seamlessly integrate analytics and financial aspects even within my marketing courses. Apart from academics, pursuing a double degree and moving to a different country for a long period takes one through a steep learning curve filled with various interesting challenges. The experience in the two different cultures only got more interesting when I began learning the local language and immersed myself in the culture and absorbed the best that each country has to offer. To sum up, I would say that a double degree is more than just two degrees, it is double resources, double learning, double network, double interesting and a lot more!”

The agreement enters into the force on Augusts 15, 2020. RBS BITL students will be able to use this opportunity and study in Norway from the autumn of 2022.


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